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    Maybe its just me....<BR>I have a number search pages and detail pages, when you go to the detail I want to include a &#039;back to list&#039; button whihc will take them back to the search results page - I can&#039;t use history or HTTP_REFERER as they may go to several deeper detail pages before going back to list. Is there a way to record the HTTP_REFERER on first going to the detail page from the list but ignore other visits from other detail pages? I tried if ref = *detail.asp* then.. but just errors. Hope this makes sense.

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    Default On the Search Results page..

    ... why don&#039;t you put the page name and querystring into a Session variable?<BR><BR>Session("SearchPage") = Request.ServerVariables("SCRIPT_NAME") & "?" & Request.QueryString<BR><BR>Then, just use Session("SearchPage") as your link for the "Back to Search" link.

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