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Thread: ASP.NET Security and Media Player ActiveX

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    Hello There,<BR><BR> I&#039;m currently working on a project that needs to allow users to stream media files only after they have been authenticated to the site. I was able to use Forms authentication for this and programmed some “custom roles" to allow access to the directory and the movie stream files. Finally, I added a mapping to my ISS configuration section for this web application for “*.asf” files and I used executable: the aspnet_isapi.dll. <BR><BR>I read in an article that doing mapping to the aspnet_isapi.dll would permit to manage access to my video files, so that only when the user has been authenticated by the FORMS authentication they could view them. I completed all this tasks and then added a link to the videos in the default page used after the user has been authenticated to test it.<BR><BR>When clicking on the links, the Media Player launch and the files play fine, I tried to launch the files from my browser, before authenticating, and got an error on the Media Player. This was great because the security was working just the way I wanted it; however, now the issue is with an embedded player on my ASPX page. The Media Player embedded on my page keeps giving me an error "The specified stream type is not recognized." I&#039;ve tried everything and nothing seems to be working. I put and embedded player on my page and a link to the same file asked to be played by the embedded object. The link works great, but the embedded player keeps crashing. Can anybody explain what I&#039;m doing wrong?<BR><BR>Finally, does anybody know of any way I can embed a media player on my page that will work like a web control? I would like to do some server side coding for my player. Thanks in advance.<BR>

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    I haven&#039;t tried this control, but remember coming across it yesterday. Check it out and see if it works:<BR>

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