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    Hi<BR>I have a browser based appl which can be accessed over a corporate WAN.The home page of application contains links to various reports.This page is customised according to user access level.These reports are simple html pages containing sensitive info and are under webfolders in diff webservers across the network. How can i prevent access to these html reports if somebody knows the URL of report and directly types in the URL in browser.The reports are not part of the application.What security mechanism can i follow.

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    I&#039;m not sure, but maybe you can define the NTFS security settings on these files?

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    Default integrated windows authentication?

    But I&#039;m not sure how you would configure things over a WAN - as long as each user is authenticating individually to the AD PDC, and not as a standard user (like IUSR_machinename) then that should work.

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