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    I&#039;ve declared two global variables using C# as follows:<BR><BR>//set global string variables to hold SponsorID and DeductAmount<BR>int SponsorID, DeductAmount;<BR><BR>I then set these variables in my Page_Load event handler, using SQL Output parameters:<BR><BR>SponsorID = Convert.ToInt32(parameterSponsorID.Value); <BR>DeductAmount = Convert.ToInt32(parameterAmount.Value);<BR><BR>I&# 039;ve confirmed that these values are assigned on the Page_Load. However, when I click the Submit button and use these global variables in my UPDATE statement they revert to 0. What am I doing wrong here?<BR>

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    Variables that are declared globally and assigned in the page load exist when that page is first processed on the server. They are used within your logic to determine how to render the page that is displayed. When the submit button is clicked, the variables no longer exist. In order to persist variables through page postbacks (i.e. submits) you must store them in the Session object (memory in the server associated with the session) or in a cookie. You can also declare hidden text fields and place the values in there, or have them participate in the StateBasket.

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