Below is the code I am using to pull in an XML file and format it using my xslt file. I don&#039;t want to create an XML file for every account, what I really want to do is have a SQL 2000 query ran that returns the data FOR XML ELEMENTS back to the ASPX page and I load it into some type of Dataset or file stream and format the data from the dataset using the xslt file. I have search every place I can think of and can not find an example of how to do this, unless I&#039;m just not understanding the process. Thanks for your help in advance.<BR><BR>Artie<BR><BR><BR>----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>&#039; load the xml file<BR>Dim surveyDoc As New XPathDocument(Server.MapPath("../Components/XMLFile1.xml")) -- want to replace this with a query, dataset, file stream - - something dynamic<BR><BR>&#039; load the xslt to do the transformations<BR>Dim transform As New XslTransform()<BR>transform.Load(Server.MapPath(". ./Components/Survey_Definition.xslt"))<BR><BR>&#039; get the transformed result<BR>Dim sw As New StringWriter()<BR>transform.Transform(surveyDoc, Nothing, sw)<BR>Dim result As String<BR>result = sw.ToString()<BR><BR>&#039; remove the namespace attribute<BR>Dim RemoveText As String = "xmlns:asp=""remove"""<BR>result = result.Replace(RemoveText, "")<BR><BR>&#039; parse the control(s) and add it to the page<BR>Dim ctrl As Control = Page.ParseControl(result)<BR>phQuestions.Controls. Add(ctrl)