With ASP.NET Can I Avoid All Client-Side Script?

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Thread: With ASP.NET Can I Avoid All Client-Side Script?

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    My general issue is on having the capability for dynamic behavior in a user interface without limiting browser compatibility. <BR><BR>I try to avoid client-side script for compatibility reasons. So I use ASP. But to make my Web application work similar to any normal windows application, I&#039;m forced to use JavaScript like OnChange() and OnFocus(). So my application has as little as possible client-side script, but if the user&#039;s browser doesn&#039;t support JavaScript, it&#039;s all in vain.<BR><BR>I&#039;m hoping that ASP.NET will solve my problems. Will it? And if so, how?<BR><BR>I&#039;ve noticed that ASP.NET includes something called MultiPage Web Control. This allows you to deliver different versions of pages based on which browser is being used. So I could determine if the browser supports JavaScript, and send content accordingly. But, I&#039;m still stuck with some client-side script if I want to create dynamic behavior.<BR><BR>Any ideas?

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    my take on it is that you&#039;ll always need client side stuff for the real-time dynamic functionality. "dynamic" stuff in .NET seems to always require at least a page postback, which is not what i call realtime. <BR><BR>Not sure what the multi page web control is, but the JIT compiler (i think), in .Net is supposed to render the html output of the page specific to the browser requesting it, but that doesn&#039;t seem to work extremely well, as i still have issues that pop up in NS from time to time.

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