Right now we have an Access database that contains data <BR>pertaining to spam that has been caught by our spam <BR>software. The spam software places data into this <BR>database automatically.<BR><BR>What I&#039;m setting up is a web page that has all these <BR>records created by the spam software, and I would like to <BR>be able to have users log onto a web page, and search <BR>through their caught messages, and if they see one that <BR>is not spam, and I want them to be able to "release" <BR>these messages from the server.<BR><BR>The database has a field that gives the .msg filename <BR>(EXAMPLE: B0000000273.MSG). These files are not contained <BR>within one folder, but rather a series of folders. The <BR>10,000 digit, or the 5th from the right, seems to specify <BR>what folder the message is placed into. See examples <BR>below.<BR><BR>Example of folder hierarchy:<BR><BR>----------------------------------------------------------<BR>----------------------<BR><BR>--&#062;QUARANTINE<BR>&#124------&#062;0000<BR>--&#124------&#062;B0000000273.MSG<BR>--&#124------&#062;B0000000274.MSG<BR>&#124------&#062;0001<BR>--&#124------&#062;B0000015118.MSG<BR>--&#124------&#062;B0000019243.MSG<BR>&#124------&#062;0002<BR>--&#124------&#062;B0000026784.MSG<BR>--&#124------&#062;B0000028421.MSG<BR><BR>----------------------------------------------------------<BR>----------------------<BR><BR><BR><BR>So what I need is a link on my page that will somehow <BR>pass the "B0000000273.MSG" to an email component, which <BR>will search the folder "QUARANTINE" for "B0000000273.MSG" <BR>and if it finds it, then attach it to an email, and send <BR>it the recipient specified in the same record in the <BR>Access database.<BR><BR>I have to imagine that something like this has been done <BR>before, since I do not consider myself a visionary, as a <BR>matter of fact, I think of myself as quite the opposite.<BR><BR>My current page: (CAUTION: Profane language ahead)<BR>http://www.rdi1.com/reporting/<BR><BR>Somebody please point me in the right direction, and <BR>remember, I&#039;m completely new to ASP and VBscript web <BR>programming. I&#039;ve got a bit of experience with CDONTS, <BR>but none with FSO, but I&#039;ll go along with whatever you <BR>tell me to do.<BR><BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Matt<BR>