Hi;<BR><BR>I am running a web site on two web servers- one is a server we own, and the other is our ISPs server.<BR><BR>Our web page currently runs off our ISPs server (www.domain.com). There are a couple of database applications that are running locally on our server ( Additionally, is our emergancy web server, should www.domain.com go down.<BR><BR>Currently, the two database components that are running on are called from www.domain.com as part of a frame set- so the user doesn&#039t know they are running on two different servers. However, due to an overhaul of our web page, using frames is no longer an asthetically pleasing option. Therefore, I would like to call those database components on, which are .asp files, from the files that run from www.domain.com. It appears, however, that the &#039include virtual=&#039 and &#039include file=&#039 statements will not work across two servers.<BR><BR>So, my question is this: Is there any way I can either call an asp file from another server, like an include statement?<BR><BR>Thanks!