We are implementing JDE&#039;s Customer Portal and we already have an online inventory system (depot) that customers can order from. We launch the Customer portal in August of this year and we want to structure it so that when they log into the customer portal, they are also automatically logged into the depot site and can browse our inventory. We want to avoid the user having to log in twice. The usernames and passwords for the depot system are contained in a MS Access database. We have the flexibility to duplicate the depot usernames and passwords in the JDE Customer Portal. The current depot users login to the depot site via an *.asp script that communicates with the MS Access database. How can I make it so that the login information for the portal is also passed on to the depot site (hidden name/value pairs?), simultaneously logging them into both sites? Can I use cookies and/or session id&#039;s?<BR><BR>I have complete control over the ASP script, but only limited control over how the user logs into the Customer portal since JDE handles the authentication.<BR><BR>Can this be done?