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    ...keep all your files for a website in the root directory? i bought a ecommerce solution called YourVirtualStore and they have nearly everything in the root directory (i&#039;d guess around 150 files). They make no use of the global.asa file (which I think might be because some web hosting companies charge extra to allow usage of a .asa file so maybe they&#039;re trying to accomodate customers in that type of situation?). <BR>The code is very well organized despite not having an elaborate directory structure. This is because of the tight use of naming conventions to separate pages into logical groups. I should mention that they do have folders for images and style sheets, and they also have a folder for the access database and another one for all admin related pages.<BR><BR>I realize that there&#039;s no right way of doing things sometimes, just various preferrences. That may be all this is, but I wonder if there is a practical reason why they might be doing this.<BR><BR>Any ideas?

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    Allow for end user to customize easier?<BR>Easier on the developer?<BR>Multiple web sites/virtual directories?<BR><BR>Who knows why some people do things.... moving it to your directories (hopefully) won&#039;t break the app.

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