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Thread: Spider & Directories Search Engines ?

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    Default Spider & Directories Search Engines ?

    What is the difference between Spiders and Directories ? And which type is Google ?

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    Default Homework?

    How in the world do you think this is advanced?!<BR><BR>And, what in the world do you think this has to do with ASP?!

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    Default RE: Homework?

    Well, the difference between directories and spiders is that with a directory you usually have to be placed into it, and spiders go out to find you.<BR><BR>Google.com has a spider based portion, and also recieves its directory feed from DMOZ.org (human edited directory, which is almost impossible to get a response from.<BR><BR>There are lots of different relationships between the different search engines, directories and ppc vehicles. My only real suggestions is to get your butt in the books.<BR><BR>Helpful sites; (http://www.spider-food.net/) & (http://www.searchenginewatch.com/) only naming a couple.<BR><BR>What is your asp question?

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