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    How do I refresh an ASP page on a timed interval?

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    You can use the Refresh Meta tag like so<BR>&#060;META HTTP_EQUIV="Refresh" content="time;url=homepage.htm"&#062;<BR><BR>where time is the number of minutes you want to wait until the page refreshes. This works but has its downsides, for instance the timer starts as soon as the browser reads that command so if you have 40 seconds worth of images to download but have the meta tag set to 20 seconds then the page will refresh before it finishes loading.<BR><BR>Another way is to use some javascript which is launched with the &#060;body&#062; tag&#039s onLoad event. Basically when the page loads up fully the onLoad event is triggered which gets Javascript to get the current time and compares it to a set amount of time in the future until that time comes then refreshes the page. You can find loads of javascript sites that will have something like that around somewhere.<BR><BR>There is a asp component that does waiting and counting I believe but I&#039ve never used it, maybe someone else can help you out with that one.<BR><BR>Hope that helps<BR><BR>Pete

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