I need to perform the following task for my web app.<BR><BR>1. Copy an excel file into a folder on our server.<BR>2. Open the file and remove the first few rows and save.<BR>3. Open it as an OleDb data object and write the contents into a database.<BR><BR>When I attempted to run this, I received an &#039;Access Denied&#039; message, suggesting to add the ASPNET user rights to the file.<BR><BR>This is steps I followed and the code.<BR><BR>1. I added the reference &#039;Microsoft Excel 10.0 object library&#039;<BR>2. I then added this code:<BR><BR> Dim ObjExcel As New Excel.Application()<BR> Dim ObjWS As Excel.Worksheet<BR><BR> ObjExcel.Visible = True<BR><BR> &#039;Define o excel workbook<BR> ObjExcel.Workbooks.Add()<BR> ObjExcel.Workbooks.Open("VendorInput.xls")<BR> Dim ObjW = ObjExcel.ActiveWorkbook<BR> ObjWS = ObjExcel.Worksheets("Report")<BR> ObjWS.Cells(1, 1) = "Excel example"<BR> ObjW.Save()<BR> ObjExcel.Quit()<BR> ObjExcel = Nothing<BR><BR>I have added write access to the excel file and even (for testing) grranted read access to the excel.exe file (because that is the name of the file the reference refers to).<BR><BR>I need some help.<BR>Thanks