Recordset class in ADO ?

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Thread: Recordset class in ADO ?

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    I have a question bothering me:<BR>I have been using Recordset class in ADO w.r.t a single table and a single datastore.<BR>But wanted to know if Recordset class in ADO can be used to store data in multiple tables from multiple data stores that can be related through foreign key relationships.

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    ADODB.Recordset can hold the records you get back from *ANY* SQL query (including from stored procedures). <BR><BR>If your query accesses multiple tables in multiple data stores then, yes, the recordset will contain the data from those multiple sources.<BR><BR>But ADO and ADODB.Recordset have no control over this: It&#039;s all in the hands of the database system you are using and what it&#039;s SQL processor is capable of.<BR>

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