I have this error and not exactly sure how i should get/intall proper extentions.<BR>Can someone lent me a hand please?<BR>My System<BR>XP Pro, server2000, IIS-5.1, .net framework, visual studio.net developers edition.<BR><BR>Error:<BR>Frontpage has detected a web server conflict on port 80, which has server extentions for the frontpage personal web server but is running a microsoft-IIS5.1 server.<BR>Frontpage requires that you install the frontpage server extentions on this new server before using it. <BR><BR>What Works.<BR>Frontpage 2000. Works for me to update my remote web sites.<BR><BR>IIS-5.1 (Installed and runs, have installed the .net framework)<BR>Have sql server 2000 professional installed.<BR>Have made standard .asp and aspx pages on my machine that do get and display database info.<BR><BR>I browse these pages by http://MyComputerName/somepage.aspx<BR>no probs.<BR><BR>Now what does not work.<BR>I installed Visual Studio.net Developers Edition<BR>When I go to add new project, ASP.NET Web Application<BR>this is where I get the Above error as it tries to create the project.<BR><BR>I have never managed server extentions before.<BR><BR>Can someone point me in the direction to get this working.<BR>Any help would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR>Russell M