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    I have only just started using tonight and need to connect to a database. The code that I am using seems to be correct as I have checked it with about 5 books and internet resorces. The poblem that I am having is that, when I try to connect to an access database I get the following error.<BR><BR>The Microsoft Jet Database engine could not open [my database] it is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view its data.<BR><BR>I have changes the directory permissions in IIS to read and write but i still get the same problem. I am probably doing something stupid but I would be very greatful for some help.<BR><BR>Thanks Andy

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    The most obvious explanation for this error, would be that you had the database open in MS Access while you were trying to connect via ASP.NET. Another possibility is that even after closing the database in MS Access the "Microsoft Access Record-Locking Information" file *.ldb hasn&#039;t been removed; which should happen automatically. You can determine whether your MS Access database is still "locked" in this way by looking in the directory where your database resides and seeing if there is an *.ldb file of the same name. If the MS Access database is closed and there is still a *.ldb file, you should be able to delete it. <BR><BR>If this doesn&#039;t work, it would be helpful to see your code to troubleshoot further. The initial database connection was one of the more difficult aspects of my learning curve, so I can sympathize. Hang in there and it will get easier!<BR>

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