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    &nbsp;<BR>Hello there, has anybody got a clue how to tackle this:<BR><BR>I need to limit the max number of connections to a group of videos (intranet just tutorials by the way)the license limits the max amount of users at the same time to 50. (note: people not videos) I guess it would be done through sessions. but I am not too sure about the specifics has anybody got a clue how to tackle this? any help would be greatly apreciated! <BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR>John.

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    Maybe you can borrow some ideas from chat forums that only allow a certain number of users. You&#039;re right..sessions are the right answer but the actual implementation is more than should be discussed here in this forum. Do some research here on this site and perhaps a google search. Get started and post back if you need some specific help with the code.

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