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    Hi there<BR><BR>I don&#039t know if this is the right place to ask? but I have tried serveral othe places with no luck at all :-(<BR><BR>The problem is that I cant Query META keywords with my Indexserver. Example:<BR><BR>In a HTML document I have the following META Tag:<BR>&#060;meta name="KEYWORD" content="Keyword1, Keyword2, Keyword3"&#062;<BR><BR>When I run the query, and search for one of the Keywords, the Indexserver don&#039t find my document.<BR><BR>If I try the query some of the text in the document, it works fine.<BR><BR>I search throu thos columns:<BR><BR>objQuery.Columns = "Vpath, DocTitle, Filename, Characterization, Contents, DocKeyWords, Rank"<BR><BR>Any help will be apreciated<BR><BR>Cheers!<BR><BR>Dennis Knappe<BR>http://www.ActiveServerPages.DK

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    &nbsp;<BR>Even I am having the same problem but I&#039m doing the search through ADO and SQL. Even though the keywords are there in the document, the index server fails to located those words. I hope somebody will be able to help us with this issue.

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