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    I have been successful in adding a new record to a database, but I can&#039t update or change any of the data in a record once it has been created. Is there a diff syntax or something needed in order to "update" a record?<BR>This is my code: <BR><BR>Set Conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") <BR>Conn.Open "QBTMemberSeminar", adLockOptimistic<BR><BR>Code = Request.Form("Code")<BR>IntroSemTime = Request.Form("IntroSemTime")<BR>IntroDate1 = Request.Form("IntroDate1")<BR><BR>Set RS = Conn.Execute("INSERT INTO SeminarInfo(Code, IntroSemTime, IntroDate1) Values(&#039"& code &"&#039, &#039"& IntroSemTime &"&#039, &#039"& IntroDate1 &"&#039)")<BR><BR>I would appreciate ANY comments...Thanks,<BR>Jason<BR>

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    You need to use an UPDATE statement in SQL. There is a good FAQ on SQL at 4Guys:<BR><BR>SQL, the Language of Databases:<BR><BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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    Default Yup, it worked!

    Thanks Scott, You hit the nail RIGHT on the head. <BR><BR>THANK YOU!<BR><BR>Jason

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