I have written a fee payment system and everything works fine except we are having flaky things happen with the pop-up I&#039;ve created running under different browsers. We have decided to do away with the pop-up but I cannot find a better solution. Here is what I&#039;d like to do.<BR> <BR>CCEntry Page<BR> -User click submit button<BR> - CCSubmit Function called (Running in Thread or as Delegate)<BR> - Calls a web service to authorize credit card<BR> - If card is authorized save data to database.<BR> - Set btnSubmit.Enabled = False<BR> - Set imgProcessing.Visible = True<BR> <BR>All the above works fine, but here is where I am having problems<BR> <BR>1) If the web service returns an unauthorized messge I want to show the CCEntry Screen with all the users data that was entered before with the button enabled and the processing image hidden so user can correct any input errors or try entering a different card number.<BR> <BR>2) If any errors occur I want to set display the error in a shared error page that the program uses (Redirect, etc).<BR> <BR>3) If no errors occur I want to display a receipt page for the user showing them what fees they just paid for (Redirect, etc).<BR> <BR>*Using a redirect does not seem to work when the function is running in a thread or delegate callback function. It might be I was just doing something wrong. Also, I can get the btnSubmit to be disabled and the procesing image to be shown, but cannot get the page to refresh after I&#039;ve re-enabled the btnsubmit and hidden the imgProcessing.<BR> <BR>Any help would be appreciated and a simple program showing how to accomplish this would be great. I am in a very strict deadline and really needs an answer quick that is pretty detailed and won&#039;t take me a lot of time to implement.<BR> <BR>Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this.<BR> <BR>S. Shawn Mehaffie