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    Maurice PH Hendriks Guest

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    I looked through all 42 threads and found only one ( that was never answered.<BR><BR>Is it possible to create folders (and copy files into them) across domains? I have full access to several domains, but would like to use 1 domain as an admin site. SQL server doesn&#039;t care about it, I know, but ASP? My gut feeling is that I can&#039;t but maybe......<BR><BR>Are their other ways of doing this in conjunction with SQL Server (not using the FTP functionality of SQL Server or using plain old FTP)?<BR>

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    FSO (the FileSystemObject) doesn&#039;t care about domains, so I don&#039;t understand why you should have a problem with this. Unless the domains are on another computer, in which case you would need to map some drives within your network (I _think_ fso can handle mappings, I&#039;ve never done it).<BR>~~Chaotix

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    Maurice PH Hendriks Guest

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    The domains are likely to reside on different boxes. How do I authenticate through ASP/FSO to allow this?<BR><BR>As an interim solution I have created a frameset and the middle frame actually connects to the remote other server, so it looks like it managed from 1 spot. It works well but it is a bit messy really.

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