Here&#039;s one i can&#039;t find on the many sites i checked<BR><BR>i have a public enum in my mod file (using VB.NET)<BR><BR> Public Enum ImageType<BR> PROFILEIMAGE = 1<BR> SLIP = 2<BR> REQUEST = 3<BR> ARTICLE = 4<BR> AVATAR = 5<BR> BANNER = 6<BR> End Enum<BR><BR>in my code behind, how can i loop through those populating a dropdown list?<BR><BR>ImageTypeChoice.Items.Add(New ListItem("xxxx", yyyy))<BR><BR>where the xxxx&#039;s are the Enumeration and the yyyy&#039;s are the value of the enumeration (obviously)<BR><BR>is it also possible to have the code go "lookup" an enumeration in the DB and stash it somewhere on an application wide scope (yikes, that cries "application variable" in ASP 3.0, but i am thinking there is a "better" way in .NET world)<BR><BR>thanks in advance