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    Following the discussion you were just having with gregs about using ordinals in the order by clause.<BR><BR>is there any way to do a similar thing with the where and order by clauses;<BR><BR>i&#039;ve got a query that&#039;s using a calculation in the where clause & the order by clause;<BR><BR>where<BR> calc&#060;100<BR>order by<BR> calc<BR><BR>BUT i don&#039;t want it to show in the dataset returned (don&#039;t ask my reasoning....).<BR><BR>Is there any way to do that?<BR><BR>OR any way to stop something in the select portion of a query actually appearing?!!!<BR><BR><BR>cheers<BR>cp<BR>

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    Default I'm sorry I'm not really sure

    what you are asking here?<BR><BR>Maybe you can give me a more complete exmaple of what you are trying to do. ; )<BR><BR>To partially answer your question, if you don&#039;t want data(columns) to appear in your resultset then simply don&#039;t include them in your SELECT list period. <BR><BR>As for doing a "similar" thing with the WHERE and ORDER BY clauses that doesn&#039;t make much sense to me.<BR><BR>Anyways I&#039;m sure I&#039;m missing something here then again I am dense. ; )<BR><BR>Pete

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    Default More Detail pls <nt>

    not sure exactly what you want

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