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    Hi,<BR><BR>I am currently creating a web site for a friend and his colleagues who are in a club, The site is a Triumph motor bike owners web site. <BR><BR>He as given me a wish list and one of the things he said he would like is an online forum, I was thinking of something like this. <BR><BR>I dont think there would be any need for moderators etc! Just a place to post questions and where people can post a reply.<BR><BR>Are there any free forums anywhere or am I better ceating a new one from scratch.<BR><BR>Suggestions please<BR><BR>I am experienced with MS Access and about 6 months on ASP<BR><BR>Darrell....<BR><BR>

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    There&#039;s an article in the FAQs on this.<BR><BR>Craig.

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    there are lots and lots of free open source forums available<BR><BR><BR><BR> is an often used one.

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