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    In my table i have a field which contains html tag. for example <BR>&#060;img src=sample.gif&#062; if i fetch the value and display the content in a browser i&#039;m not getting the image instead i&#039;m getting the tag(&#060;img src=sample.gif&#062;). in first line i gave response.contenttype = text/html . but still i&#039;m getting the same problem. i can&#039;t give image/gif b&#039;coz in that field i have image or text <BR><BR>Regards<BR>malar

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    sounds to me like you&#039;ve used Server.HTMLEncode when you shouldn&#039;t have, but since you supplied a very vague account of the problem, I can&#039;t be sure. and this has JACK to do with the content-type header.

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