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    I am trying to get rid of &#060;table&#062; that is part of my html, but everytime I delete it and then save the page it puts &#060;table&#062; back into the html. I am using Frontpage 2000. Thanks.

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    Default So stop using FrontPage

    It&#039;s going to keep trying to generate *legal* HTML, according to the design you gave it.<BR><BR>Edit the file with an ordinary editor (e.g., NOTEPAD) and you can ignore the FP designers.<BR><BR>

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    Default Hear Hear

    FrontPage has cetrtainly caused me more headaches than it&#039;s solved, and I&#039;ve never even used it myself (misguided clients who think they can open my files with Frontpage and edit them, mostly)<BR><BR>Notepad isn&#039;t exactly the most friendly editor in the world, it&#039;s just simple, but there are free (or cheap) HTML-aware editors out there. try and<BR><BR>if you MUST go WYSIWYG, then the market leader, IMO, is Dreamweaver, which in recent versions (3.0+ IIRC) doesn&#039;t screw with the HTML you specify unless you explicitly ask it to. <BR><BR>As Much as Microsoft has done me good I really can&#039;t endorse FrontPage as an HTML/ASP editor, except of course for creating Britney Spears fansites on, for which it would be eminently suited.

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