This is my first post to a forum, so I&#039;m not even sure if I&#039;m doing this correctly. Regardless...<BR><BR>I&#039;m trying to use the sorting ability of the datagrid with dynamically created boundcolumns. However, when I click on the boundcolumn header to sort the table, all of the dynamically created columns disappear.<BR><BR>I&#039;ll write some small pieces of the code to try to explain...<BR><BR>&#039;In the Page_Load I bind the datagrid<BR>If Not IsPostBack<BR>BindGrid()<BR>End If<BR><BR>&#039;The BindGrid() routine contains this (more or less)<BR>Sub BindGrid()<BR>myCommand = "SELECT * FROM AUTHORS"<BR><BR>&#039;After filling a dataset with the above query,<BR>&#039;I add boundcolumns to the datagrid<BR>&#039;I do this dynamically because I want to add columns based<BR>&#039;on parameters outside of the page<BR>Dim NewBC As New BoundColumn()<BR>NewBC.DataField = "au_name"<BR>NewBC.HeaderText = "Authors"<BR>NewBC.SortExpression = "au_name"<BR>DataGrid1.Columns.Add(NewBC)<BR>DataG rid1.DataBind()<BR>End Sub &#039;BindGrid()<BR><BR><BR>The data loads fine in the grid, but as soon as I try to sort on one of the columns, they disappear. Other columns that I have in the datagrid (templated columns that are not dynamically created) remain visible.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Scott<BR>scottsorheim@h