OK, I&#039;ve searched everything I can think of for the last 3 hours including this forum.<BR><BR>Everything mentioned about scheduling through ASP refers to scheduling a known task through the task scheduler (manually). What I want to do, and I believe many others, is to create a task and then schedule, at whim, through an ASP page. For example, I want to have a page where a person goes to and creates a scheduled email to remind him tomorrow about an appointment (one example).<BR><BR>The only crude way I can think of is using the File system object to write out a .bat file referring to (1) the "at" scheduler via an at command and (2) a command line emailer program, then using again the FSO to execute the .bat file which will then install the schedule into the at scheduler.<BR><BR>Is there a better way? keeping in mind, it is important that the front end user determines the schedule.<BR><BR>Thanks for any help <BR>