I&#039;m a veteran when it comes to ASP. But I&#039;m new to .NET&#039;s databinding and repeater controls. <BR><BR>My script queries the database to get a list of SectionIDs for the different sections of articles. <BR><BR>For each section of articles, it then uses the SectionID to get a list of all the articles for that particular section and uses that list to populate a ListBox. <BR><BR>In the classic ASP version of the page that I&#039;m trying to fix, I used this sort of method to bind my listbox. <BR><BR> If not rs.EOF then <BR> Do while not rs.EOF <BR> &#039;placement of table elements, title of this section, etc..... <BR> %&#062; <BR> some HTML here <BR> &#060;% <BR> ...... <BR> &#039;Then NEW recordset object, rs2, with select statement for that SectionID <BR> If not rs2.EOF then <BR> Do while not rs.EOF <BR> &#039;population of my listbox here <BR> ..... <BR> rs2.MoveNext <BR> Loop <BR> End if <BR> %&#062; <BR> some HTML here <BR> &#060;% <BR> rs.MoveNext <BR> Loop <BR> End if <BR><BR>Now I&#039;m trying to do this with a data-bound repeater, but I&#039;m wondering how would I bind the ListBox and the Repeater to different queries, with the Listbox query based on the SectionID from the first query? <BR><BR>What&#039;s the preferred method? <BR><BR>Thanks in advance.