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    Hello there,<BR> I have a question for you experts. I am working with an intranet and would like to be able to have a link go directly to an access 97 database.<BR><BR>When I have the link set to go to the file jackpot.mdb, clicking on it gives me an option to "save this file to disk"...if i click on this, it saves the file to the location of my choice and allows me to open it.<BR><BR>If I connect to the .mde version of this file, jackpot.mde, I am given the option to either "Save this file to disk" or "Open this file from its current location." I can then either save it to my system to open it or just open it from its current location.<BR><BR>This leads us to my problem, I need to be able to have it go directly into the database. I want it to automatically just open it from its current location without asking how the user would like it opened. Is this at all possible? Please advise whether this is something I can continue to pursue or if it is impossible.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Dux

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    Do you mean that you are placing a link to the database file on your intranet and using a browser to link to it. If this is the case then it will not automatically open up access as the mdb and mde files are treated as application files and so have to be downloaded first

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