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    Default help w/ selecting data

    I have two tables PErsons and persondetails as follows<BR><BR>Person<BR>----------<BR>PersonID PersonName<BR>1 aa<BR>2 xx<BR><BR>PersonDetails<BR>--------------<BR>personID Address<BR>1 Add1 <BR>1 Add2 <BR>2 XX1<BR><BR><BR><BR>When i run the following query I get:<BR><BR>select a.personID,a.PersonName,b.Address from Person a Inner join PersonDetails b<BR>on a.PersonId = b.personID order by a.personId<BR><BR>Result:<BR>---------<BR>PersonID personName Address<BR>1 aa Add1<BR>1 aa add2<BR>2 xx XX1<BR><BR>I don&#039;t want the personID and name repeating, I want teh result like<BR>1 aa add1<BR> add2<BR>2 xx xx1<BR><BR>Can you help me on this??<BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>

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    Default You have to take care of that part

    yourself. In other words, don&#039;t do it in the SQL, you have to code it in your script you use for formatting/display.<BR>

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    Default RE: help w/ selecting data

    The record object returned will always show all the data as you have demonstrated. If you want to format your data as you show then it is really more of a scripting issue than a data issue

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