Hi, I believe the web development team may be able to help with with an ASP query.<BR><BR>I have an ASO script that sends an email when you get to the page. It works fine. When I add the line to attach an attachment e.g. objMail.AttachFile ("http://ldnntdev.app.nat.net/analytics/arrow.gif") it fails. I get the error message &#039;unspecified error&#039;. I&#039;ve read this is probably because I&#039;m attempting to attach a file that doesn&#039;t exist. However, (I&#039;m using dreamweaver) the file exists both locally, externally, I can view it in my browser, open it etc.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve tried various lines such as:-<BR><BR>objMail.AttachFile ("http://ldnntdev.app.nat.net/analytics/arrow.gif")<BR><BR>objMail.AttachFile ("h:Dreamweaver4analyticsarrow.gif")<BR><BR>objMai l.AttachFile ("arrow.gif")<BR><BR>objMail.AttachFile ("\ldnntdev.app.nat.netanalyticsarrow.gif")<BR><BR >and none work. I&#039;m really ensure what I&#039;m doing wrong. I&#039;ve read on the FAQ page this, "The file you wish to attach must exist on the Web server (or be accessible on a remote machine by the IUSR_MachineName account) and the IUSR_MachineName must have Read permission on the file you wish to attach. Furthermore, you must know the file&#039;s physical path." but am not sure how to check read / write permissions. Is any of the above syntax the physical path?<BR><BR>Any help would be much appreciated.<BR><BR>Many thanks,<BR><BR>Natalie