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    In MSAccess I've established some link tables to a Progress database(ASP.NET cannot link to the tables in Progress.. no ODBC driver that works). In ASP.NET I can use the query builder to view the data in those link tables without a problem, however, when I run my application I get an error message telling me that I am unable to connect to my database or that I do not have permissions to access it. How on earth did I get access from the query builder but no access in the application? I'd also love to see someones working connection string to an MSAccess database with no SYSTEM.MDW password but must have full access.

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    When you are using VisualStudio , you are accessing everything as your own user.<BR>When you are going through the web server, you are probably the Anonymous User<BR><BR>I haven&#039;t used Access in a long time :D <BR>What is a SYSTEM.MDW ?<BR>Always used to put the MSAccess db in a folder outside the web structure and give Anon User read/write there.

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