Guys,<BR><BR>Can anybody help me in inserting Japanese characters into the Oracle 9i database thru my application.<BR><BR>I use Microsoft .Net provider for oracle (v1.0) and my application is on C#.<BR><BR>I know there is one ODP for Oracle 9i client but we are not allowed to use that for our application.<BR><BR>Whatever the inserted value to the database will come up as &#039;???&#039;<BR>and I use encoding type as SHIFT_JIS in my application.<BR><BR>even in .aspx and web.config I follow the same encoding <BR><BR>What I need to do to get the correct japanese characters ??<BR><BR>I am using the following code :<BR><BR>OracleConnection ocon = new OracleConnection();<BR>ocon.ConnectionString = "data source=xyz;User Id=user;Password=usr123;";<BR>ocon.Open();<BR>Orac leCommand myCommand = new OracleCommand();<BR>myCommand.Connection = ocon;<BR>myCommand.CommandType = CommandType.Text;<BR><BR>myCommand.Parameters.Add( new OracleParameter("empno", <BR> OracleType.Number, 0, ParameterDirection.Input,<BR> true,0,0,"",DataRowVersion.Default, my_DBNull) ); <BR> <BR><BR> myCommand.Parameters.Add(new OracleParameter("ename", <BR> OracleType.VarChar, 0, ParameterDirection.Input,<BR> true,0,0,"",DataRowVersion.Default, my_DBNull) ); <BR> myCommand.CommandText = " INSERT INTO EMP (empno, ENAME) VALUES (:empno,:ename)";<BR><BR> myCommand.Parameters[0].Value = val;<BR> myCommand.Parameters[1].Value = l_enteredValue;<BR> noofrows = (int) myCommand.ExecuteNonQuery();<BR> ocon.Close();<BR><BR><BR><BR>Can anybody please help me in sorting this issue.<BR><BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Sreenath<BR><BR>< BR><BR><BR>