I know this is not really appropriate for an ASP.net newsgroup since it&#039;s more of a windows control problem, but I hope some of you already have already experienced and solved this ...<BR><BR>Basically - up until now, I had no problem with hosting .dll in IE, but with my latest control I have a very strange behavior : the browser freezes when loading the control (no interaction possible with the application window) and stays that way (and there comes the strange part) until you right click on the browser icon in the taskbar - at that moment it resumes loading and runs normally.<BR><BR>The only changes I have when I compare with my previous controls is that the .dll is in a frame, I can&#039;t really understand why but this seems to be the problem.<BR>After testing, the 2 cases where there&#039;s no freezing are :<BR>- the frame is opened directly (no frames, just the html page which is supposed to be contained inside the frame)<BR>- the .dll is void, that is it does nothing (compiled a new project basically) ; this might have frozen once, but I&#039;m not 100% not sure about it ...<BR>From that, I&#039;d guess that the .dll is loaded at the same time as the html, and strangely it seems to block the browser once is done loading if the page inside the frame (or another frame ?) is not finished loading (which would explain why the void control doesn&#039;t cause problems, since it would be fast enough to be loaded before the page - my current control is around 30k).<BR><BR>If anyone has already encountered the problem, I&#039;d love to hear about it. Sorry again if this is not the good newgroup, I don&#039;t really know who to ask this question to ... Thanks in advance !