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    Does anyone have an exact link to the documentation for using tilde (~) in the path of images.<BR><BR>With version 1.0 of the framework, using tilde would produce an absolute path. ~/images/image.jpg would become /VirtualDir/images/image.jpg.<BR><BR>I have seen this change after installing version 1.1, now it produces a relative path ../../images/image.jpg which is much less "portable".<BR><BR>I&#039;m looking for the official docs on this, specificaly if there is a configuration setting.<BR><BR>

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    The resolveurl method doesn&#039;t work in 1.1 as it did with 1.0, you need to find another method.<BR><BR>I&#039;m not really helpfull though, because I don&#039;t know of any other methods...<BR><BR>the &#039;Community starterkit&#039; from www.asp.net had the same problems if I recall correctly. I think that site is a good starting point to search for offical docs.

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