Hi guys, <BR><BR>I had a W2k server running IIS 5 which I had a number of sites running on ASP. I&#039;ve since downloaded and installed the .net framework 1.1 which so far has allowed me to play around with .net pages on these various sites. <BR><BR>However I&#039;m trying to do a bit more with .net now, and I keep getting hindered by the fact that I have no global.asax file in the root of these former ASP classics site and I don&#039;t have a /bin/ folder. <BR><BR>My question is how do I add these? Since I loaded the .net framework a folder called "/aspnet_client" appears in each of the sites but now /bin/ or global.asax file.<BR><BR>I this achieved through IIS, or should I add them manually?<BR><BR>Any help recommendations would be greatly appreciated. <BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>James