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    Hi guys<BR><BR>I am interacting with a company that uses a secure php file on thier server. Lets call it authorize.php<BR><BR>They in turn want to run my file on my server. Lets call that updateData.asp<BR><BR>What I am looking for is a method or function that will call my .asp file (plus send a bit of info in the querystring) and run my .asp file on my server but not redirect them to my server. <BR><BR>He wants to keep the client for more actions. He is having trouble doing this so I thought I would help him look for answers. I realise this is not a PHP forum but maybe someone can help us out.<BR><BR>Anyone have any knowlegde of whether or not this can be done or where to look for answers?<BR><BR>Thanks Don

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    As you said this is not a PHP forum, but I think it&#039;s possible. In asp we would use XMLHTTP, I think there are solutions for PHP as well.<BR><BR>Let me google it.....<BR><BR>hmm, at first glance this seems to do what you want:<BR><BR>

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