Hi, I&#039;ve bound data to a Repeater from a DataTable and I&#039;d like to include a CheckBox in each Item so that the user can select which entries to delete. When the user clicks the submit button (outside the Repeater) the function must iterate through the Items (instances of the ItemTemplate) that have been bound to the Repeater, find which ones have a checked CheckBox (CheckBox.Checked==true) and retrieve the index of the DataRow in the DataTable that provided the data (binding occurs sequentially through the table so this should just be the index of the Item in the Repeater).<BR><BR>my approach:<BR><BR>given a Repeater r containing CheckBoxes with the attribute <BR>ID="chosen" in the ItemTemplate (layout done using HTML tables (not asp:Table))<BR><BR>foreach (RepeaterItem ri in r.Items) {<BR>if (((CheckBox)ri.FindControl ("chosen")).Checked) {<BR>int index=ri.ItemIndex;<BR>//perform manipulation<BR>}<BR>}<BR><BR>I stepped throught the function and the if always evaluated false even when check boxes were checked. If anyone can spot the problem with my code, I&#039;d really appreciate it. Thanks<BR>