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    Hi all,<BR><BR>I have a field which I keep to the user entry...I am using MS Access.<BR><BR>I am having a problem on our server date/time field.<BR><BR>In my local system there is no problem ..<BR><BR>but online....there was a problem...I mean the dates used to appear with 4.28.2003.<BR><BR>System there was not accepting the dates so I used<BR>TimeofVisit = now<BR>replace(TimeofVisit,".","/")<BR><BR>Now we are getting strange results like the below.<BR>4/3/2028 2:38:58 PM<BR><BR>It was supposed to be<BR>4/28/2003 2:38:58 PM<BR><BR>I mean 4th April 2003....<BR><BR>Is there any solutions that I can have the now function used in access field for getting the date & time values.<BR><BR>Thanks for your input & time<BR><BR>Jay

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    try putting this at the top of your asp page:<BR><BR>&#060;%Session.LCID = 1033%&#062;

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