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    this is a bit of an odd question .. <BR><BR>but i have my page which runs differenty queries for close to 1000 records. for every possible query, the page always resubmits to itself when updating the data displayed. with the high number of records, there is obviously a delay in the page loading.<BR><BR>my question is .. what would be a good way to have a "please wait .. " or "now processing.." message show up before the data is displayed? i don&#039;t even know if this is possible, since i&#039;m redisplaying the same page, and i can&#039;t display a message as the page is loading, because the page doesn&#039;t display until the query is processed. so i think i&#039;m stuck ..<BR><BR>does that make sense? any solutions i&#039;m not thinking of?<BR><BR>thanks,<BR><BR>ed<BR>

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    I posted a working example last week in this board.<BR><BR>(Use the See posts from 4/27/2003 to 4/26/2003 link on top of this page to navigate to last Thursday/Friday)

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