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Thread: Problem with login in my application

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    &nbsp;<BR>Hi All<BR><BR>I have developed a simple application in asp,some thing like a web site.Users can register from the home page choosing their username and password.Registered users can login to the system and use the features.<BR><BR>Problem is that i haven&#039;t done anything to check multiple logins.<BR>suppose jim is a registered user jim can login from multiple locations simultaneously.<BR><BR>i would like to show "User already login" message <BR><BR>what abt keeping a login status field in database and check it&#039;s value during each login.Suppose a user logins and close the browser how can i set the database value to offline..<BR><BR>what abt keeping an Application variable a String array which will hold the names of online members.Onlogin username is searched in this array and if missing will be allowed to login<BR><BR>how the browser closing affects in this case too<BR><BR><BR>Hope i have made my problem clear.Any new ideas ? i want to solve this problem asap<BR><BR><BR>help me ..:-( :-( :-(<BR><BR>Rgds<BR>clusener<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>< BR>

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    try this i think it should be what your after. <BR><BR>

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