I am trying to pass my sql string from setCriteria function to execute search. I am response writing it and I can&#039;t see the second on in the Execute search. How can I pass it from first function to the second one or create a strored procedure based on my quwerystring that I can call in my execute search function?<BR>Thanks<BR><BR><BR><BR>Imports System<BR>Imports System.Configuration<BR>Imports System.Data<BR>Imports System.Data.SqlClient<BR>Imports System.Web<BR>Imports System.Web.UI<BR><BR>Public Class SearchResumes<BR> Implements Search<BR> Public SqlString As String<BR> Public _ResumeTitle As String<BR> <BR> Public Function SetCriteria(ByVal CriteriaString As String) As String Implements Search.setCriteria<BR><BR> &#039;Make SQL statement - tokenize<BR> &#039;Dim SQLString As String<BR> Dim MyCriteria As String<BR> Dim DBVal As String<BR> Dim MyArray As Array<BR> Dim I<BR> MyCriteria = CriteriaString<BR><BR> MyArray = Split(MyCriteria, ",")<BR><BR> SqlString = "SELECT * FROM Resumes WHERE "<BR> For I = 0 To UBound(MyArray)<BR> DBVal = MyArray(I)<BR> DBVal = DBVal.Replace("=", " Like &#039;%")<BR> SqlString = SqlString & DBVal & "%&#039;"<BR> &#039; SqlString = SqlString & "&#039;" & DBVal & "%&#039;"<BR> Next<BR> SqlString = SqlString & ";"<BR><BR> End Function<BR><BR> Public Function ExecuteSearch() As DataSet Implements Search.executeSearch<BR> &#039;Execute Search and Return the Results<BR> Dim strconn = HttpContext.Current.Application("strConn")<BR> Dim MyConnection As SqlConnection<BR> MyConnection = New SqlConnection(strconn)<BR> Dim MyCommand As New SqlDataAdapter(SqlString, MyConnection)<BR><BR>***************************** ***************************<BR> SqlString = SqlString & "I made it!" <BR>********************************************** ************<BR> &#039;Create and Fill the Dataset<BR> Dim DS As New DataSet()<BR> MyCommand.Fill(DS, "resumes")<BR><BR> _ResumeTitle = DS.Tables(0).Rows(0)("ResumeTitle")<BR> <BR> End Function<BR><BR>End Class<BR>