javascript on Netscape!!(PLease help!!)

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Thread: javascript on Netscape!!(PLease help!!)

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    The first page of my application heavily uses Javascript to load combos etc. This application works fantastic on IE 5.0, but on netscape, the application looks pathetic as my page uses frames. I can&#039t figure out the problem, and wherever javascript is being used i get an error saying that there is a problem. Please guide me to make it work properly as the application is scheduled to go online on monday. PLease help!!!

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    Pay close attention to the syntax of you combo boxes and the function you are using.<BR>Although it works well with IE 5, it might still have problems with NN.<BR>for example if you forget to put the &#060;/SELECT&#062; in your code, it will work with IE but not with NN.<BR><BR>I need to take a look at the code to tell you what&#039s wrong or why its not woking.<BR>

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    Netscape does not fully support DOM. You can access just about any HTML element in Explorer but Netscape just doesn&#039t have the ablity.<BR>This may be part of you problem.

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