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    Hi All<BR>I am looking for information on how to get my server to run a routine (send todays reminders) based on the time of day, not when a page is requested.<BR><BR>At the beginning of each day, the code will ask the DB for all records with a date of whateverDate. Then it will send a mail to all of those records.<BR><BR>I can send the mail, but I don&#039;t know how to get the server to perform this task at a specified time each day.<BR><BR>Any links or info would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Don

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    If your site gets frequent hits, you could put it on the Global.asa file. set an application variable application( "runTask" ) = date() then if application( "runTask" ) = date() then &#039; do nothing else run the process....

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