I need a Asp.NET/Visual Basic.NET developer capable of implimenting applications and a database that will output the results into "Crystal Reports" as well "Dundas Chart for .NET" applications. I have no experience with setting up or administering databases and I would also like to be trained on basic database input after everything is set up. We want to be able to enter the data we collect from our consulting services and present that data into web based Crystal Reports as well as visual graphs and charts using Dundas Chart.NET v 3.1<BR><BR>We would also require the programming for secure client login access via our website in which they can access only their company reports and results as presented by the Crystal Reports and Dundas Charts in a realtime online environment.<BR><BR>I would prefer to use someone who has previous experience with Dundas Charts and Crystal Reports applications specifically before. you can email me directly at shayne.laitila@trojangroup.org to discuss this further if you are interested.<BR><BR>Thank You<BR>Regards,<BR>Shayne