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    Default updating a framed page

    I am updating this page a developer made a long time ago, and it uses frames. Left, banner, and content frames. Now, there is no frame-checking code whatsoever on this site, so it&#039;s essentially broken with the refreshing and navigation issues. The asp pages are laid out in directories, with each directory (section of the website) having a default.asp. The default.asp&#039;s content frame loads a default content page for that section. All navigation for a section is shown on the default.asp page, with links for that particular section in the left frame, and links to other sections (other default.asp&#039;s with their own navigation) in the banner frame.<BR>My problem is that when a user clicks on a link that points to a different section (different default.asp page), and then navigates within that section, and then hits "refresh", the default content page for default.asp loads instead of the page the user was currently viewing.<BR>I attempted to use sessions to keep track of what page the user was on, but that led to problems when the user is on one of the sub-pages, and clicks a link to load that section&#039;s default.asp page. The page the user was currently viewing is loaded instead of the default page for default.asp! Kind of an opposite problem than refreshing, but refreshing works this way.<BR>SO, i am looking for a solution that doesn&#039;t use cookies, sessions or javascript, as I&#039;m unsure if the user will have these enabled in his browser.<BR>My question is, how can I implement a solution to overcome the refreshing and navigation problem without using sessions, javascript, or cookies?<BR>Thanks for any help you might offer.<BR><BR>~~Chaotix

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    Default Can you show us the site...

    ...as it is now?<BR><BR>I would *think* that the solution would be to have a different &#060;FRAMESET&#062; page for each directory. And *THAT* &#060;FRAMESET&#062; page is named "index.html" or "default.html".<BR><BR>And then you link to it from another directory via<BR> &#060;A HREF="/otherDir/default.html" TARGET="_top"&#062;<BR>or<BR> &#060;FORM ACTION="/otherDir/default.html" TARGET="_top"&#062;<BR><BR>See? Now your default.html frameset loads the appropriate default.asp file into the appropriate &#060;FRAME&#062;. And all is hunky dory. Maybe???<BR><BR>

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