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    I am pretty new to asp so I am not familiar with all aspects of the language. What I need to do is create a flat-file database. I can&#039;t use access or sql for reasons I don&#039;t want to go into ( If I could I wouldn&#039;t be here asking posting ). I have tried a script called TextDB which seems to be the only one I can find out there for asp. I have read that you can&#039;t edit records in a ffdb (flat-file database) with asp but I can&#039;t believe that is true. I know how to add records to a ffdb using the filesystem object but how do I delete, edit, search/find specific records in a ffdb. Is it really not possible. I am thinking it isn&#039;t based on the TextDB script however I can&#039;t get it to work and from reading their site it hasn&#039;t been touched since august of last year.<BR>( )<BR>Anyway I really could use some help I am done spinning my wheels on my own.

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    The only way to manipulate info inside the text file would be to read the entire file into the asp script, change the data, then re-write the entire text back to the file. <BR><BR>You could search through it by reading it in one line at a time into an array and looping through it (which will make the data more managable) or you can read the entire file and use string manipulation functions. <BR><BR>All in all, a flat file db works from some very simple applications (like a hit counter or something) but will not work for anything more complex then that.

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