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Thread: Retrieving field data types

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    Sam Critchley Guest

    Default Retrieving field data types

    I need to be able to retrieve the data type of a given field.<BR>I&#039ve tried rs(x).type but that only returns numbers. ie, text = 202.<BR>I havent been able to find any info to translate these numbers and i was kind of hoping that theres a different method of getting this information as translating numbers is real messy.

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    Steve Nicholls Guest

    Default Type is a DataTypeEnum value

    The number returned is a DataTypeEnum value.<BR><BR>These are defined in the include file (adVarWChar=202)<BR><BR>I don&#039t think there is another (reliable) way to determine the field type - I suspect using the IsDate, IsnNumeric etc functions would not provide a sufficiently robust solution.<BR><BR>regards, Steve<BR><BR>

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