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    Have four asp pages which query an access db to authenticate the user, provide their schedule and appointment sheet. They have worked fine for over a year. Now the ISP is saying the asp code is causing an internal server error 500. Nothing unique about the code. Uses one session variable that isn&#039t an object. The only questionable factor is that the database does have some null values in the data being queried. Any ideas on what could cause it to hang or is the ISP just blaming the programmer? They aren&#039t a very large ISP, so it may also be that they have too many web sites on one box. Any suggestions?

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    Hi. Can&#039t you checc the code locally, by creating your own local version of the DB and then running the page locally, to see how your own computer handles it. If the code hasn&#039t changed, look for new entries in the DB that are not validated, if the data hasn;t changed, it may be time to change ISP&#039s!

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    This sounds like an ISP problem. I got the same error on my ISP when I had done absolutely nothing. They weren&#039t aware of this problem, wich also affected all of the sites on this server.<BR>Confront your ISP with this particular problem.<BR><BR>Espen

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